For that girl that likes to be used~

Wow, I forget how long it's been since I've posted in this journal until I look at the date of my last entry. Someone inspired me to say something so hear I am.

I'm usually not the type to ramble on about shit thats going on with me, since I don't find any of it interesting. I love reading about other people's lives though. I love watching people too. I suppose I have a huge voyeuristic streak.

Anyone seen the Sopranos finale? Was that bullshit or what!? Good riddance I say. I always like The Wire, Rome, Deadwood, and Carnivale better anyway. Too bad the last three were canceled. ::sigh:::

If I do start posting in here more I'll probably make it friends only.

Purpose of this Journal

I decided to make an another journal for my more erotic interest. I almost feel kind of cowardly for not using my main journal to join the explicit communities that interest me.. but I guess we all have our secrets, don't we?

The other day I signed on to an AIM name that I hadn't used in years. Naturally, no one was online on that buddylist, but I let it remain connected, letting it idle. Eventually an old friend logged in, this woman I used to role play with when I was younger. We had an interesting talk, about how things used to be, and how they are now. When we met I told her I was 19 when in reality I was more like 16, just so she'd roleplay with me without worrying about my lack of knowledge or getting in trouble.

Even while I claimed to be 19 she was -still- older than me. I asked her what age she is now, and she's 32 (to my 22) and a mother of 3, where as before she only had 1 kid. She told me I was a young little perv and it made me laugh. I silently pondered how I had changed since then.. what elements of my personality changed and what remained the same. She's changed a lot, more than I have. She changed from a "freaky mom" to an "ordinary mom". Got rid of all her extra piercings (even the naughty ones), keeps her natural hair color instead of dying it black.

I remember her biggest complaint about me is our storylines always revolved around sex. It makes me smirk because when we first started playing together she was the one that thought she'd wear me out.